Friday, August 14, 2009

GDC Austin 2009

Evizaer and I have decided to attend Game Developers Conference Austin 2009! We will be there all week and are really excited to go. I'll primarily be doing some career networking, but I'll no doubt be enjoying all GDC has to offer.

Anyone else going to be there?


Tesh said...

I'm sure some people from my studio will be there (NinjaBee/Wahoo), but I'll likely be home with family. I can't pick up and go to conferences these days, though that would be one that I'd like to attend.

SIGGraph in San Antonio years ago was good fun, and an Austin GDC would make a nice bookend experience.

Brian 'Psychochild' Green said...

Yeah, the first year I decide not to go. :P Would have been nice to meet up.

Have fun, though.

Tesh said...

Oh, looky here, Raph has a nice little perk: he can offer a discount on tickets to the GDC:

motstandet said...

That's where I found out that GDC tickets were on sale :P Unfortunately, they are still quite expensive even after 20% off.