Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Power of External Rewards Compels You

This seems like the quickest way to make sure no one reads your painstakingly created cut scenes and dialogue trees.

I don't listen to my friends' stories unless they entice me with candy.


Anonymous said...

I'm calling it now, there will be daily quests that let you adjust your light side/ dark side points.

motstandet said...

And a title "The Sage" if you've maxed both alignments.

Anonymous said...

I want to see a game where one can pawn others with "poor" quality, because the game mechanics would be so good that deep knowledge about a variety of topics came into play.

Btw, I was thinking the other day that a game like single player "Hearts of Iron 3" as I imagine it, would probably suffer if extended player options were to dictate the outcome of battles every time (tricking the AI).

The concern I had in mind is about the game AI and limitations on how well it could react to the player if game mechanics become overly complex, but I believe convoluted game mechanics would work with a MMO game.