Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Tale of Two Coders

Evizaer and I have decided to create a blog about our rantings and ideas about game design and game programming particularly in the MMO realm. We have very different approaches and thoughts about games, and typically we find ourselves having very detailed and thorough discussions. We bounce around a lot of interesting and outright nutty concepts. The MMO genre is rather stale at the moment, and we hope we will spark some changes and evolution. A lofty goal for us is to write up a complete design document for a small-scale MMO and code it up.

Both of us are amateurs as far as game design goes, but we are trained computer programmers and software engineers. Personally, I hope to talk about my discoveries and conclusions as I break into game programming. 

We also talk about philosophy, economics, politics, and psychology as it relates to decision making and games. Perhaps there will also be some mathematical entries discussing formal game theory.

Evizaer and I have these conversations frequently and privately. But we want to open them up and see what other input and interest we can obtain. Feel free to comment on, laud, or disagree with any and all posts. Please try to be intelligent about it though.

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