Thursday, February 11, 2010

GA Failview

Over at IGN, Cydoc interviewed Todd Harris, the Executive Producer for Global Agenda. Or rather: pandered. Not surprising that another game journalist asked questions which could be answered by browsing the Global Agenda website. GA players are going to get nothing out that information session.

Here is a game which is getting bad to no press coverage, and instead of conducting an actual interview, Cydoc turns it into a fact-fest. It's not even a hype-erview.

PR at HiRez might be thinking that it'll generate some buzz, but there is nothing buzz-worthy in the entire thing! There is some drivel about the origins of "No Elves" and Recon sleep darts; I almost rolled my eyes out of my head. I doubt this will sway anyone considering purchasing the game. So who exactly is this interview for?

These are the questions that Cydoc should have asked:
  • The servers are down or restarted almost daily. Are player numbers and activity surpassing your technical expectations?
  • Why are VOIP channels so shaky? Should we be complaining to you or to Vivox?
  • What qualifies Global Agenda as an "MMO" while League of Legends is not?
  • Follow-up: What makes Dome City more than a glorified lobby?
  • Players have expressed dissatisfaction with the random PvP mission type. Why hasn't a preference system been implemented?
  • Do you plan on extending your matchmaking system to include character talent specialization?
  • Are players of high TrueSkill matched with similarily skilled players, or does the system try to even out the teams by dropping in low-skill teammates?
  • Why is Conquest free until March 3rd rather than for the first 30 days of box purchase, like every other MMO?

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motstandet said...

Hot off the presses:

Player Choice on PvP Queues - For initial release we consolidated gametypes within a single PvP queue. With no guarantee around number of players we would have, our top priority was to ensure the players got into matches quickly and to make sure our matchmaking system had a sufficiently large population to balance out sides. That said, we've heard how much players want to specify, or eliminate, certain match types. And we do have the population to support this request. So, we will be implementing player selections per PvP gametype so you can exclude or include each type as you wish.