Wednesday, September 9, 2009

CCP to Social Network EVE

Evizaer hates it when I post gaming news, but since it is related to something I talked about, I'm going to do it anyway:
As social networking seems to be the buzzword of the new millennium, EVE steps up to the plate by introducing COSMOS, a social networking framework that allows players to create Facebook-like pages for their EVE characters, allowing them to maintain friend lists, write blogs, update their status, send each other messages and upload pictures. E-mail sent ingame can be read by the recipient through the website. Corporations and alliances will also have their own page.

Why am I not surprised that CCP is the one to start in this direction? (Champions Online doesn't count because Twitter doesn't count.)

By the way, what I said was:
I think MMOs and Social Networks should merge, and they'd both be better for it.

How awesome would it be to have a web-facing aspect to your favorite MMO? You could still "friend" all your non-gaming acquaintances, upload your RL photos and game screenshots to albums, tag your guildmates or relatives, and update your status or microblog. "Going to Boston on Monday. Won't be in game." Now your family and guild know where you are.

Almost there!


evizaer said...

I don't have a problem with this, really. It's relevant to a past post.

LotRO has already done this, though it's not a fully-featured social network. lets players and their characters network in some limited fashion along with providing details about characters. Guilds have pages as well.

motstandet said...

Yea after I posted this I realized I could get myself into a definition war. What is a social network? And do all those online character pages count?

Nomad said...

I love this idea, it allows me to talk to corp mates while I don't have the client open. I've very excited.